What’s a GREETER ?


A Greeter is an inhabitant, a host, of all ages and backgrounds, who voluntarily accompanies visitors passing through their town. They wish to share with them, through a simple stroll, one of their passions in connection with Sélestat, which they love and live in.

They highlight the formidable and sometimes unsuspected reservoir of heritage or natural riches, the abundance of hidden corners, traditions, favourite places and stories buried in their childhood memories, which make each walk a unique moment.

Greeters do not have a professional guide card. They will not provide you with extensive knowledge of the places you visit. They accompany visitors on a different walk each time, with the sole aim of meeting people, creating links with people from all over the world, having an exchange, always passionate... The Greeters accompany visitors for an hour or two, or more, "to create emotion and generate beautiful memories". Each walk is unique, authentic, free and of course convivial.

This type of stroll is intended for individual guests, families, couples, friends… and the  number of participants cannot exceed 6 persons and the group must include at least one adult (over 18 years of age).


Our greeters

  • Caroline REYS
  • Céline RINCKEL
  • Christine Romanus
  • Fabien JUNGMANN
  • Hugo RAPP
  • Michel KRUCH